Dock Levelers

Serco loading dock levelers bridge the gap between the warehouse and trailers during the loading and unloading process to provide improved safety, greater productivity and a loading dock that runs as smoothly as it should. From hydraulic dock levelers built to meet the needs of high-volume loading docks to power-assisted dock levelers created for fast-paced moves, you’ll find a Serco dock leveler that is ideal for your operation.

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Learn more about the range of Serco Dock Levelers:

Mechanical Dock Levelers

This pit-mounted loading dock leveler requires manual activation using a single point adjustment extension spring counterbalance, and sets the industry standard for durability and dependability compared to other mechanical levelers.

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Air-Powered Dock Levelers

The user-friendly design of this loading dock leveler provides smooth operation and push-button controls, while being powered by air bag lifting technology.

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PAL Series Power-Assisted Dock Levelers

The power-assisted dock leveler is the ideal balance of power and performance for operations needing more efficiency than mechanical levelers, and can continue basic operation even in the event of a power outage.

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Hydraulic Dock Levelers

When you’re looking for the best in the industry, Serco hydraulic loading dock levelers are your answer. Since the Serco brand was first established in 1958, its hydraulic loading dock levelers have stood the test of time.

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Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

Take control of your warehouse with a vertical storing dock leveler, ideal for climate-controlled facilities.

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ENERGY GUARD Dock Leveler Weatherseal

Prevent energy loss and block dirt, debris and pests with this superior perimeter weather seal that protects the sides and rear of pit-mounted loading dock levelers.

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Edge-of-Dock Levelers

This cost-effective loading dock leveler for light to medium traffic loading docks mounts to the face of the dock to assist with loading and unloading of trailers, making it an economical alternative to portable plates.

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Dock-Guard Barrier Lip

This super durable barrier lip prevents accidental roll-off, with safety and strength features that make it four times stronger than conventional dock levelers.

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