PAL Series Power-Assisted Dock Levelers

Today’s fast-moving loading dock environment requires a dock leveler that’s both reliable and flexible enough to keep up. That’s where the Serco PAL series power-assisted dock leveler comes in. This rugged loading dock leveler combines the durability of a mechanical dock leveler and the high performance of hydraulic operation, while remaining functional even in the event of a power loss through a manual override device. It’s the perfect blend of power, performance and peace of mind.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Manual override allows leveler to remain operational, even in the event of a power outage
  • Power-assist activation system provides very low electrical installation costs and efficient power usage through life of leveler
  • Exclusive HYDRA CAM lip extension automatically extends lip at full height
  • CLEAN FRAME® design allows wide-open access to the leveler pit for easy cleanup and routine maintenance
  • Simple push-button activation on interior loading dock wall to raise the deck effortlessly
  • Exclusive SafeTFrame® design provides first-rate structural support
  • Structural steel safety legs include Reflex Anti-Stump-Out System for fluid free-float motion and a measure of free-fall protection
  • Integral maintenance strut and lip support latch for deck and lip support during routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Optional Dock-Guard Barrier Lip prevents accidental forklift run-off

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