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When you’re looking for lifting solutions for your loading dock, dependability and durability are top priorities. Serco ergonomic lift products offer both, while increasing productivity and safety for your employees and providing a cost-effective solution to the unique challenges associated with moving products in the plant and on the loading dock. With Serco dock lifts, you’ll have 100% accessibility on your loading dock, allowing you to move products easily and safely. Serco in-plant lifts (also known as ergonomic life products) add to the productivity, profitability and employee safety of your plant by automating simple tasks and eliminating the backbreaking hassle of doing it manually.

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Dock Lifts

Serco dock lifts allow you to move products and materials safely and easily, while making your dock 100% accessible.

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In-Plant Lifts

With Serco in-plant lifts, you can automate simple tasks to make products and materials more easily accessible to your workers.

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