Wheel Restraints

When trailers have missing or damaged rear impact guards or come equipped with lift gates, it can be a challenge to secure them safely with a conventional vehicle restraint. Serco wheel restraints can secure virtually any truck or vehicle and are available in either manual or hydraulic operation. It’s a simple and effective way to maintain an accident-free work zone.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Capable of securing virtually any truck or vehicle configuration
  • Available in both manually operated and hydraulically operated models
  • Heavy-duty steel construction ensures long structural life
  • LED interior/exterior lights for superior communication
  • Choose from above-ground and in-ground mounting to fit your loading dock needs and conditions
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Serco VERSACHOCK provides a simple, cost-effective means of securing trailers while effectively communicating operation status with drivers and dock workers to ensure a safe and productive dock operation.

The Serco VERSACHOCK is a versatile vehicle restraint system that accommodates a wide variety of trailers and vehicles regardless of the condition or presence of an ICC bar. VERSACHOCK includes a patent pending, wireless engagement design that provides wheel detection at all engagement ranges and requires no chock cabling or permanent structure installed on the drive to secure the vehicle. In addition, Serco VERSACHOCK fulfills the requirements of OSHA Regulation 29 CFR – 1910.26(b)(2).

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Serco SLSC Series Surface-Mounted Wheel Restraint

For security even under the most extreme weather conditions, the Serco SLSC Series surface-mounted restraint is the most rugged wheel restraint solution. Its above-ground mount means operations won’t halt no matter what Mother Nature brings, while a hydraulic-operated wheel chocking system allows for simple push-button control that doesn’t impede lift gate operation or interfere with landing gear. And with self-lubricated guide bearings and no mechanical drive components to wear out, maintenance has never been simpler.

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SL-UTC Series Universal Truck-ChockTM In-Ground Wheel Restraint

Serco UTC Series In-Ground Wheel Restraint

The Serco UTC Series Universal Truck Chock in-ground restraint is a permanently installed solution for your wheel restraint needs, featuring an automatic wheel chocking system that restrains trailers with a hydraulically operated moving wheel chock. This functionality means you’ll have continuous restraining force for even greater security, reducing the probability of landing gear collapse, vehicle creep or vehicle walk. And since the chock is mounted in-ground, you’ll experience no interference for snowplows or drive cleanup.

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SMWC Series Manual Safety-Chock Wheel Restraint

Serco SMWC Series Manual Safety-Chock Wheel Restraint

The Serco SMWC Series manual wheel restraint is a cost-effective and easy-to-operate solution for restraining unconventional trailers. The safety-chock is mounted above ground, is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, creating a lower lifetime cost of ownership than other wheel chock systems. This restraint requires only 35 lbs. of operating force to engage or disengage and no bending or lifting for safe and accurate operation. Standard design features include an interlock-capable control panel, standard LED communication lights, exterior audible alarm and advanced safe engagement sensors to provide effective and efficient communication between the dock worker and the restraint operator.

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