Dock Shelters

When you want to keep the elements out while also having full, unimpeded trailer access, Serco dock shelters are the ideal solution. With a loading dock shelter, your loading dock and crew will be able to remain productive even during inclement weather conditions, while working in a safe environment. You’ll also have the ability to maintain temperatures in climate-controlled facilities, adding to the energy saving benefits. Its flexible structure is able to withstand damaging force and compression when a trailer backs up to the wall, offering years of reliable performance and protection.

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Ultra-durable SercoSteel® framing, for years of reliable protection (backed with a 5-year warranty)
  • Large selection of durable coated fabrics for maximum durability
  • Optional flame-retardant foam and fabrics
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S-420 Series Rigid Frame Dock Shelter

The Serco S-420 Series rigid frame dock shelter is designed to accommodate a wide variety of door and vehicle sizes, while providing full-width access to the back of the vehicle. It features steel supports that protect the frame from off-center trailers, along with flexible fiberglass stays that ensure the head and side curtain pressure is maintained on the trailer body. Proper water drainage is ensured with the help of a head frame covered with translucent fiberglass with 2-inch side-to-side rake.

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S-3200 Series SnapBack Dock Shelter

The gravity-biased, flexible frame of the Serco S-3200 Series SnapBack dock shelter yields for misguided vehicles, preventing costly building and shelter damage. Here’s how it works: as a misguided vehicle approaches, the frame moves upward and back to prevent impact. Once the vehicle leaves, the frame returns to its original position. This smart design accommodates a variety of vehicles sizes and types, while providing full trailer access during the loading process.

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S-2200 Series Ultra Dock Shelter

Combining the flexibility of a dock seal with the full vehicle access of a shelter, the Serco S2200 Series Ultra Dock Shelter® provides an effective shield against some of the toughest outdoor elements — such as cold, rain, sleet and snow — outside of your warehouse. It creates a tight seal between the building wall and the back of a vehicle, providing you with cost-effective energy savings and contributing to the comfort level of your facility. Its durable steel frame comes protected with a 5-year warranty against rotting, cracking or warping.

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BDS-S Blackout Dock Shelter

The Serco Blackout™ model BDS-S Dock Shelter is specifically designed for the most demanding applications. It stands up to the test of air ride suspension and intermodal trailers creating more abrasive movements on the dock shelter, while also helping maintain consistent temperature control, avoiding energy loss, effectively sealing varying trailer configurations and meeting regulatory requirements. Blackout™ features the exclusive Serco UHWR™ (Ultra High Wear Resistant) fabric for superior wear resistance. UHWR™ has been tested and certified to 40,000+ abrasion cycles – up to 10 times the abrasion resistance of the competitive fabrics tested.

  • Exclusive S-900DD DryDock® Integral Rain Header system effectively blocks moisture infiltration from the top of trailer
  • Exclusive Hinge Guard™ seals off hinge gap around swing-out doors, blocking air and light from entering the facility
  • Exclusive UHWR™ fabric on top and bottom wear panels prevents the heaviest trailer abrasion
  • Exclusive LightBlockr™ connector curtain blocks air and light infiltration at overlap of side and head curtains
  • Structural, rigid head frame acts as a canopy while translucent top cover allows increased visibility and operating light
  • Exclusive roll-formed, galvanized steel framing extends product life and is superior to wood construction
  • Foam-filled side members provide protection from impact by off-center trailers

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